When was support added to Phire for a particular PeopleTools verion?

At Phire, we closely follow the updates to PeopleTools published by Oracle/PeopleSoft.  As a result, we have historically published our support for new PeopleTools versions within 30 days of announcement by Oracle/ PeopleSoft.  Here is a table of past and current PeopleTools versions and what version of Phire supports each:


PT Version               Phire Version                 Availability

8.59                           v16.2.00                      Aug 2021
8.58                           v15.1.02                      Mar 2020
8.57                           v13.2.05                      Dec 2018
8.56                           v12.1.05                      Jul 2016
8.55                           v10.2.05                      Dec 2015
8.54                             v9.2.00                      Aug 2014
8.53                             v8.1.01                      Feb 2013
8.52                             v6.2.04                      Nov 2011
8.51                             v5.2.02                      Sep 2010
8.50                             v4.2.04                      Nov 2009

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