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Log4j and Log4shell Vulnerabilities

With the recent announcement of security vulnerabilities in the Apache Log4j and Log4Shell logging libraries, we have investigated Phire’s exposure and here is our recommendation.


Phire does not make use of the Log4j or Log4shell libraries, so based on that we are not providing any patches or making any changes to our delivery.


However, since Phire runs in a PeopleTools environment, we are recommending that customers follow Oracle recommendations for mitigating the risk in the web/app/prcs server configurations, outlined in Doc ID 2828073.1


We’ll continue to monitor the situation.


Migrating Security

Does anyone use Phire to migrate security permissions and roles.  We were wondering how we could use Phire to assist in managing PeopleSoft security.  We have HRMS, Campus Solutions and Finance.

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How do you create forms in PHIRE?

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Does Phire support email approval?

With the publication of v13.2.00 in summer of 2018, the answer is “YES”.  This feature works through a recurring process scheduler program that monitors an email inbox for incoming requests to approve/deny and posts them.  The feature begins when the email notification is sent out to users that need to approve a CR.  The new email template tag:  <EAPRADDRESS>  resolves to a series of hyperlinks in the email offering the user the options to approve or deny the request.  Clicking the link sets up a reply email to the configured email inbox, and the user simply presses send.  So a couple of clicks and the reply is sent for Phire to process.  Success or error conditions are returned to the user in a reply email as the request is processed.  The net effect is the same as if the user were to navigate into the CR through the PIA and click approve or deny.


Prior to this release of Phire, the application supported an email link to the “CR Task Approval” component, which shows a list of all CRs pending approval by the current user.  Using this feature requires that the user log in to the application through the PIA to see and respond to items in the list.  That feature is still supported as it always has been and for some users may be preferable.


Customize Pass/Fail Verbs

Is there anyway we could add some Pass or Fail Verbs ?

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Encryption on the Code during Transit

Does PHIRE encrypt the code in transit between the environments?

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Phire upgrade timestamp

Would there be a query to know when was the Phire upgrade was implemented. We can see that version can be found on PS_PHI_INSTALL but it doesn’t indicate when was it applied.

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Phire Forum RSS Feed?

I would like to track the forum in Feedly. Is there an RSS Feed somewhere? I have not found one, yet.

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Project naming convention

How to configure project naming convention so we can migrate the same project definition name from source to target environments including the project definition properties and comments? For example – When developers create a PeopleSoft project and they need to update the Project definition properties (who, when, incident number, what changes or why its need etc). We need to migrate same project definition (including properties) to other environments.

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What is the exact function and results behind the ‘Expire App Server Cache’? Is it like clearing cache without restarting the app server?

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