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how to end a migration script

A developer noticed a “copy from file” script has been running for days. How do we end that? Is it running in the Phire database? Is there a utility within Phire to end it?

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Do you have to create a project to migrate a single script

Do you have to always create a dummy project if you just want to migrate a dms or sql script using phire?

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Code check-in and check-out

Does any current version of Phire have the ability to check-in and check-out code or code sets from the developers (on a daily basis) which could be monitored and controlled by CM personnel in the different test environments?

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How can I attach use an export DMS data file captured in Phire as an import data file?

When an Export DMS is executed in Phire, the data file is captured in history, and can be used as the data file on a subsequent Import DMS.   The feature you’re looking for is provided as a button on the script history page.  So starting at the CR Script page, click the “History” hyperlink on the export Data Mover script.  This shows the script execution history where you will see a button like this:  .  Click that button and it will ask you to select the import script to associate with the data (this is a script that you would have written yourself to perform the import as you require).  Once you select the import script, you will see it added to the CR Script page as an Import DMS with the associated data file included.  The import is now ready to be executed either individually or as part of a migration.