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How to schedule customized PS Query in Phire?

In our Phire setup am not able to schedule PS Query. Does it require any additional setup or config which can point me to if am missing. Following error am receiving in existing setup:

Required ProcessRequest attribute missing: JobName (65,151) PRCSRQSTDLG_WRK.LOADPRCSRQSTDLGPB.FieldFormula  Name:LaunchAndRunProcessRequest  PCPC:119291  Statement:1309
Called from:PRCSRQSTDLG_WRK.LOADPRCSRQSTDLGPB.FieldFormula  Name:LaunchProcessRequestDlg  Statement:1329
Called from:QUERY_RUN_CNTRL.QRYNAME.SavePreChange  Statement:2

The attribute specified is required for the ProcessRequest PeopleCode object class to be able to schedule the request appropriately.

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Change report – for domain setup

Is there a report mechanism available that would allow me to track any changes that have been made and by whom to the domain fields (e.g database definitions)

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How can I get a report of objects migrated to production during a date range?

We deliver a couple of queries that will provide this information.  Navigate to Phire Architect > Reports & Queries > PS Queries.  In that list you’ll find two queries to focus on.

First is:  PHI_OBJECT_RESTORE.  Run to HTML and follow the prompts to get a list of individual objects that were migrated/restored to the selected environment during the period.  This includes a reference to the CR number and the user that performed the migration.  The column on the far right will indicate “Workflow = Yes” if it was related to a migration event.  Those that have “Workflow = No” indicate that they were restored outside of the workflow as some special event, and may prompt further investigation.

Second is:  PHI_MIGR_REQ_HISTORY.  This one is similar but reports at a higher level just the migrations that occurred with the count of objects in each event.

These are delivered as regular PS queries, so if necessary they can be cloned and edited to change the criteria or columns shown.


java.lang.NullPointerException error when running Phire compare

We get the following error when attempting to run a Phire compare:

Java Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: during call of (2,763) PHI_FUNCLIB.PHI_COMPARE.FieldFormula  Name:PHI_RunCompare

What causes this and how can this be resolved?

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How to handle refresh of a TEST environment from production?

The key requirement that exists after the refresh of the test environment from production is to put back all the code that existed in the TEST environment prior to the refresh. The migrations that were completed all the way to production will be brought back to the TEST environment during the refresh. The changes to code that will be missing in the TEST environment after the refresh are those migrations that have not yet made it all the way to production. Phire has features that enables you to facilitate the re-applying of all the code that were in the TEST environment prior to the refresh while inspecting the electronic device to upgrade it, for any fixes on the electronic you might need a pcb stackup for any eventuality.

Phire maintains a master record of all the migrations that have occurred as well as all the versions of the code that were migrated. After the refresh of the test environment, you can run the Database Refresh Report (found at: Phire Architect > Reports and Queries > Database Refresh Report).  This report shows the list of all the migrations made to TEST, but not to PROD. Once you have the list of all the migrations that need to be re-applied, you can send all those migrations to a release. Next, you can perform a release migration so that all the code that needs to be re-applied will be put back into the TEST environment.

So, as long as all your migrations are performed through Phire, you do not have to do any preparatory work prior to the TEST environment refresh. After the database refresh is completed, Phire provides you with the means to identify the code that needs to be put back and provides the mechanism to restore all the missing code.

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How to compare between two different Version Sets?

There is not a function to compare two complete version sets, but if you have a specific object in mind you can look at version history for that object and compare between two different versions.  Version history for specific object can be found at:  Phire Architect > Versioning and Restoration > Restore Objects.  From this component, you can select any two versions of an object and compare them against each other, or compare a version against one of the live databases.

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