Phire Soft "The Only Thing Constant is Change."
Managing the Costs of your ERP Implementation and Support Integrated, Systematic Change Management Processes
Whoever said that change is good obviously did not have to deal with managing the many changes that can occur throughout the life cycle of complex ERP systems. To successfully manage system changes, you face the lengthy process of tracking the object-level details of each change, routing and obtaining approvals, and reconciling the various impacted environments - all while attempting to maintain a comprehensive set of auditable processes and controls. While you are busy ensuring your ERP projects are on track, you are forced to bear the increased costs of system maintenance and higher levels of compliance reporting.

Without a fully integrated and automated change management system in place, you face the time-consuming process of manually generating, routing, and performing change requests. You face the challenge of version and change control. Moreover, because the data is not integrated with incident tracking and financial management systems, you must enter information again and again - a process that is highly prone to human error and increases your organizations risks and compliance reporting costs.
Since the effectiveness and integrity of your ERP applications directly impacts the success of your organization, it is vital that your change management processes be based on systematic, proven principles. The comprehensive change and incident management capabilities within Phire guide you through the entire change order process from incident identification to production migration.

You can quickly create, stage, and approve change requests; associate them with a reported incidents or defects; group similar requests into a single planned migration request; and route multiple change orders through both internal and external project teams for approval. Because of the tight integration with PeopleTools, Phire supports the full version control, migration, and restoration for all internal and external object types, reports, and even configuration data.
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