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Code Versioning
Code Versioning, Restore, and Migrations Module
Accelerate Application Development Phire versions and stores all of the PeopleSoft objects in the Phire repository. This reduces the risks of overwrites or lost development work by giving your team the power to immediately restore any object version without having to perform time consuming database refreshes. Phire prevents development conflicts by allowing your team to reserve and lock PeopleTools objects across all of your environments—making synchronization as easy as a mouse click.
Automate Migrations The PeopleSoft delivered process for performing migrations are very time consuming and error prone. Phire allows you to automate the migration process by combining PeopleTools objects, File objects, and Scripts all together within the same Change Request.  By clicking a single button, the PeopleTools objects will be migrated to the predefined database and the files to the predefined directories on the predefined servers. There are no additional user credentials to specify nor need to know the source files reside or target directories reside. In addition, Phire's ability to execute DMS and SQL scripts allow you to perform all these script executions from the browser without having to launch another application. All the migration logs and script execution logs are automatically attached to the Change Request so that you have a central location for all the activities that occurred during the migration.
Enable Migration Rollback How often have you experienced problems immediately after a code migration? For PeopleSoft, the ability to rollback a migration is especially challenging because the migration involves PeopleTools objects which are stored in the database as rows of data. Phire enables you to backup all the objects immediately prior to the migration so that you can perform an easy rollback if necessary.  The baseline version set can be configured to be taken automatically immediately before the migration. After the migration, if there are issues, you can rollback a single object or the entire set of objects that were migrated.
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