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Incident Management
Incident Management Module (Help Desk Application)
Prevent Fires with Phire

Are you tired of fighting fires?

Phire’s knowledge base, code repository, and migration rollback are some of the features that will help you anticipate and prevent application issues before they become fires.

Stop reacting to application fires. Use Phire to proactively prevent issues before they become fires.

Prevent Fires with Phire
Integrate with Enterprise Applications, Help Desk and Incident Management Systems

Phire has an integrated Incident / Defect Management repository. Phire can be used as the primary help desk application for ERP support activities, or it can be configured to integrate with an existing enterprise help desk application. Phire can also be used to manage the evolution of your project specific incidents and issues by providing a single central repository for issue identification and tracking.

Users can automatically generate change requests from issues or defects. This integrated approach ensures the issue identification, development, and documentation cycle is never broken. Phire also enables task-level tracking of actual hours, estimated hours, percent complete and total dollars so that change management activity can be translated into your project and cost accounting systems.

Issue Tracking
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