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Change Request Tracking
Change Request Tracking Module
Optimize Your Change Management Processes Phire enables far greater reporting and control with respect to your change management processes. Phire allows you to enrich your change management related information and broaden your organization’s access to it. All while systematically addressing approvals, routings, and notifications. This flexibility means that you can easily tailor change management tasks, system codes, routings, and approvals based upon organizational, even team-specific needs.
Reduce Costs and Risk with Greater Visibility and Control By maintaining thorough documentation of all change requests and approvals, you have a self documenting, central repository and indisputable audit trail of activity through all phases of you systems life cycle: implementation, production support, and upgrades. Because all activity associated with incidents and changes is captured and documented in real time, Phire is the single repository for compliance reporting, researching issues, locating prior resolutions, and retrieving documentation on any PeopleSoft customization. This makes the retrieval of the information easy for all team members. And as members of the team change over time, existing documentation will remain easily identifiable and retrievable.
Change Request Workflow
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