How to remove a password from the User Profile ?

A user by mistake was assigned a password in the User Profile screen.  But actually that user should have been using a password, the same that he use to log in to the network (Active Directory).

In other words, the user is login into our network with one password, then is login into Phire with another password. And we as admin don’t allow that.

So how can I remove the password from the User Profile ? so the user use the same Active Directory password ?


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  1. Admin said,

    May 1, 2019 @ 11:00 am

    The user profile setup is part of the overall PeopleTools environment where Phire is running. So this should behave exactly as it would in any PeopleSoft application and you should consult PeopleTools and the active directory documentation. That being said you could consider options like expiring the password or removing it from the underlying PSOPRDEFN table through SQL. If you’re unable to find a resolution, please contact Technical Support at:

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