How to schedule customized PS Query in Phire?

In our Phire setup am not able to schedule PS Query. Does it require any additional setup or config which can point me to if am missing. Following error am receiving in existing setup:

Required ProcessRequest attribute missing: JobName (65,151) PRCSRQSTDLG_WRK.LOADPRCSRQSTDLGPB.FieldFormula  Name:LaunchAndRunProcessRequest  PCPC:119291  Statement:1309
Called from:PRCSRQSTDLG_WRK.LOADPRCSRQSTDLGPB.FieldFormula  Name:LaunchProcessRequestDlg  Statement:1329
Called from:QUERY_RUN_CNTRL.QRYNAME.SavePreChange  Statement:2

The attribute specified is required for the ProcessRequest PeopleCode object class to be able to schedule the request appropriately.

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  1. Admin said,

    January 14, 2019 @ 5:22 pm

    We have not had any other reports that could be found of anyone attempting this with errors or success. Let’s work through this issue with Phire Technical Support. We need to understand better your requirements, how you’re going about trying to do this, and hopefully we can figure out together how to make it work.

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