Use of the “Allow Object Edits” and “Allow Script Edits” options

What are the these options used for?  Do they prevent users from making object or script changes?

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  1. Admin said,

    July 26, 2016 @ 12:07 pm

    The detail setup for a workflow step includes two checkbox flags: “Allow Object Edits” and “Allow Script Edits” that control the ability for users to make changes to the object list or scripts during each step. This fulfills an audit requirement for many customers to restrict changes to what’s being migrated once the CR has entered testing and approval steps headed to production.

    Object changes include adding or deleting objects, or changing the action on the objects. It also includes the option to recreate the migration set, which would change the version of the code to be migrated. Script changes include checking or unchecking the “Execute with Migration” option or changing the event it’s associated with.

    The way this is typically used is this. Uncheck both flags for all steps following the initial migration to TEST. In that way, the options for changing the objects or scripts are limited to the development steps at the beginning, or if it’s failed back to those steps for more work.

    Note that changing these settings will affect newly created CRs. Existing CRs can be updated with these changes using the CR Workflow Reset.

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