What is the purpose of the CR Workflow Reset component?

This is in reference to the component found at Phire Architect > Change Requests > CR Workflow Reset.  It is designed to reset an open CR to the currently configured workflow setup.


Here is when you SHOULD use this component:  If you have made changes to the workflow steps and you want those changes to be reflected in an open CR.

As many Phire administrators know, some changes to the workflow only affect newly created CRs.  Workflow changes made on page 13 of the Domain Setup Wizard are primarily what this is referring to, including: the number and sequence of tasks, fail/skip options on tasks, default assignments and task trigger.  Most other changes take effect universally for all CRs without needing to reset, including changes to email setup, task assignment queue, workflow databases, security and database/server credentials.

Resetting the workflow preserves most of the history and status of a CR, but it is a harsh step to take in some ways.  Because all of the task level detail is removed and reloaded, there is some loss of data to be expected, including manual task assignments and task-level comments.  Tasks are reset and assignments redone as if starting the CR from scratch.  However, everything else is retained including CR-level history, objects and version history, migration and script history.


Here is when you SHOULD NOT use this component:  If the current task needs to be reset to another step.

If the CR is a position where nobody has the options to skip or fail to the correct current task, then it indicates a deficiency in the workflow setup itself.  Chances are the workflow steps need to be re-evaluated to be sure it best meets the business requirements.  Plus, someone on the team needs to have permission and options to skip/fail when necessary or else the workflow is too rigid.  At the very least, the Phire administrator should have the special permissions to “Skip Any Task” and “Fail Any Task” so that they can always re-position the current status.


As usual, if you have any questions about your particular setup, circumstance, or any of the options described here, don’t hesitate to contact Phire support to discuss it.

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