How can I get a report of objects migrated to production during a date range?

We deliver a couple of queries that will provide this information.  Navigate to Phire Architect > Reports & Queries > PS Queries.  In that list you’ll find two queries to focus on.

First is:  PHI_OBJECT_RESTORE.  Run to HTML and follow the prompts to get a list of individual objects that were migrated/restored to the selected environment during the period.  This includes a reference to the CR number and the user that performed the migration.  The column on the far right will indicate “Workflow = Yes” if it was related to a migration event.  Those that have “Workflow = No” indicate that they were restored outside of the workflow as some special event, and may prompt further investigation.

Second is:  PHI_MIGR_REQ_HISTORY.  This one is similar but reports at a higher level just the migrations that occurred with the count of objects in each event.

These are delivered as regular PS queries, so if necessary they can be cloned and edited to change the criteria or columns shown.

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