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Encryption on the Code during Transit

Does PHIRE encrypt the code in transit between the environments?

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Phire upgrade timestamp

Would there be a query to know when was the Phire upgrade was implemented. We can see that version can be found on PS_PHI_INSTALL but it doesn’t indicate when was it applied.

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Phire Forum RSS Feed?

I would like to track the forum in Feedly. Is there an RSS Feed somewhere? I have not found one, yet.

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Project naming convention

How to configure project naming convention so we can migrate the same project definition name from source to target environments including the project definition properties and comments? For example – When developers create a PeopleSoft project and they need to update the Project definition properties (who, when, incident number, what changes or why its need etc). We need to migrate same project definition (including properties) to other environments.

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What is the exact function and results behind the ‘Expire App Server Cache’? Is it like clearing cache without restarting the app server?

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When was support added to Phire for a particular PeopleTools verion?

At Phire, we closely follow the updates to PeopleTools published by Oracle/PeopleSoft.  As a result, we have historically published our support for new PeopleTools versions within 30 days of announcement by Oracle/ PeopleSoft.  Here is a table of past and current PeopleTools versions and what version of Phire supports each:

PT Version               Phire Version                 Availability
8.55                           v10.2.05                      Dec 2015
8.54                             v9.2.00                     Aug 2014
8.53                             v8.1.01                      Feb 2013
8.52                             v6.2.04                     Nov 2011
8.51                             v5.2.02                      Sep 2010
8.50                             v4.2.04                     Nov 2009


How can the Project Build in Phire handle multiple kinds of record changes?

For example, can a Project Build be done through Phire that will handle a project that contains:

1. Create a new table
2. Alter a table to contain new columns
3. Alter a table to change column definitions
4. Alter a table to drop columns that contain data
5. Migrate a table with no structural differences


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